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SCHWABE USA – Shaping Automotive Interior Parts of the World

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment

SCHWABE USA – Capabilities Presentation

SCHWABE die cutting and compression molding presses for the production of a broad range of auto interior parts designed and engineered at our manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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3D Spacer Mesh – Cutting / Converting for Auto and Consumer Products

October 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Spacer Fabric Mesh – Cutting and Converting

Spacer Mesh is textile fabric with holes knit into the weave which makes it breath more and creates a cool, dry and comfortable fabric.

Müller Textil is the worldwide market leader for three-dimensional spacer fabric: “The outstanding characteristics of 3mesh spacer fabric permits highest efficiency and precision in production.”

3D Spacer Mesh - Mueller

Die Cutting Spacer Fabric

Die Cutting is recognized as the most efficient method for precision cutting of spacer fabric material. SCHWABE USA is the leading supplier of Die Cutting Systems for cutting Spacer Mesh Fabric. Check out more details on SCHWABE SR 230 Cutting Press Machine, die cutting Spacer Mesh on a nylon belt.

Schwabe SR 230 Custom press Spacer Mesh

Spacer mesh is used in a broad range of everyday products which require comfort and cool / dry feel.

Spacer Mesh Mueller 3D

Consumer Textile Products

Mattresses, Furniture, Medical , Apparel, Footwear, Backpacks

Automotive Interior Trim Parts

Seat Covers, Ventilated Seats, Headliners, Instrument Panels, Door Panels

Spacer Mesh car seats

Contact for more details or RFQ or call +1 513 947 2888

Cost Efficient Die Cutting Systems – Auto Interior Trim

Auto Trim – Turnkey Die Cutting Systems

Schwabe offers turnkey die cutting systems for cutting automotive interior products including fabrics, laminates, foam, PVC, leather, non-wovens, and many others.

  • Ideal for cutting automotive interiors
  • Manual and Automatic feed systems available.
  • Designed to incrementally feed dieboards that are larger than the press.
  • Available with extension tables for easy, manual lateral transfer of dieboards on & off the feed system for picking & spreading.

 Auto Trim Cutting Solutions

Schwabe state-of-the-art cutting systems, offers the most material efficient, accurate, and flexible auto trim cutting solutions

and are

more cost efficient system to operate than any CNC cutting systems.

Schwabe SR Incremental Feed Die Cutting Systems

Schwabe SR Incremental Feed Die Cutting Systems

Contact Freeman Schwabe +1 513 947 2888

Auto Interior Trim Components cut on Schwabe Die Cutting Presses

January 16, 2012 1 comment

Schwabe hydraulic cutting presses are used in the production of Automotive Interior Trim Parts and Applications across the world: airbags, leather seating, non-leather seating, floor carpets and mats, sun visors etc,

Schwabe customers include the leading global auto interior suppliers e.g. Lear, Faurecia, Toyota Boshoku, Magna, Johnson Controls, IM Kelly

Auto Trim Components

For more information visit Freeman Schwabe website Auto Interior page 


Go Freeman Schwabe YouTUbe Channel – to watch video of Full Hide Leather Cutting on a Schwabe Press

New Custom Design Build Schwabe SR 230 – Die Cutting Spacer Mesh Seat Covers

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Freeman Schwabe Machinery recently delivered this new custom designed Schwabe SR 230 die cutting press system.

This latest custom design build Schwabe straight ram SR 230 illustrates Freeman Schwabe engineering and manufacturing craftsmanship and why the company excels at custom application systems.

Schwabe SR 230 Press

This custom built Schwabe SR 230 cutting press, die cuts spacer mesh on a nylon belt, for automotive interior seat covers.

Schwabe SR 230 Custom press

Spacer mesh is a unique fabric with a large number of closely-spaced holes knit into the weave, ideal for auto interior seat covers.

The characteristically porous nature of this material makes it breath more than most materials and therefore a great choice for auto seats that require a cool, dry and comfortable fabric.

Watch the Special Features of this Schwabe SR Die Cutting Press on the Freeman Schwabe You Tube video channel

Freeman Schwabe on You Tube

Schwabe SR 230 Video: Special features:


For more information on the custom built Schwabe SR 230 and photos visit Freeman Schwabe website.

Schwabe Trim Hydraulic Press – SR 230 High Stroke

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

The Schwabe Trim Press designed to cut multi contour parts.

Utilizing three dimensional dies, these presses can cut on more than one level and axis for precision 3D cutting.

Schwabe Trim Press

Schwabe Trim Press

- Long stroke and high tonnage

- 22″ dayllight and 54″ daylight

- Electric stop rod mechanism

- Power operated sliding table

Watch Schwabe Trim Press video – showing Schwabe SR 230 long stroke and high tonnage press and Schwabe Model DG Upstroke Press

Schwabe SR 230 Trim Press – High Stroke High Tonnage Hydraulic Press

You Tube Logo

Freeman Schwabe Machines in Operation – Top 5 Videos on YouTube

Watch Freeman Schwabe machines in operation on the Freeman Schwabe YouTube Video channel.

YouTube Logo

Freeman Schwabe Machinery is a leading OEM supplier of hydraulic presses to USA and Global companies: designs, manufactures, and installs die cutting presses and material handling solutions, including compression molding presses, multi-contour mold and trim presses.

These are the Top 5 Most Viewed Freeman Schwabe videos on YouTube



1. Automatic Traveling Head Hydraulic Press Model TH

The TH Series excels at cutting a wide range of materials including: Rubber, Paper, Carpet, Plastics, Envelope, Sponge, Textile, Cork, Glass Fiber, Floor Tiles, Leather, Shoe Material, Felt, Packing, Hardboard

2. Plastic Card Laminating Machine in operation

Laminating Press provides multiple stack heating and cooling cycles for laminating your toughest applications.

3. Plastic Card Punching and Stacking

Achieve up to 35% higher output with the Freeman Schwabe CPS High-Speed Automatic Card Punching & Stacking Machine.

4. Full Head Cutting Press – 80 Ton with Dual Tables

Anti-shock rigid construction with mechanical balancing maintains the parallelism of the head and bed during the cutting stroke.

5. Leather Cutting Machine: Full Hide Die Cutting

Freeman Schwabe SR Press is used in numerous industries e.g. Automotive Interior Trim.
The 300 ton hydraulic press featured in this video was designed for die cutting full leather hides.

For more information on machines specifications and additional options visit the Freeman Schwabe website.

Kongsberg Automotive of Slovak Republic visit Freeman Schwabe in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Freeman Schwabe is proud to work with Automotive Interior suppliers from around the world, and welcomes the opportunity to invite international customers to their headquarters and testing facility in Cincinnati.

Greg DeFisherPresident and CEO of Freeman Schwabe said

“Our company is excited about the worldwide recovery trends in the interior industry and especially pleased with our new business relationship with Kongsberg Automotive of the Slovak Republic, who work closely with Volkswagen Slovakia.

Volkswagen Slovakia is the largest foreign industrial investment in the Slovak Republic. The Touareg, Audi Q7, Škoda Octavia and the body of the Porsche Cayenne are produced in Bratislava.”

Kongsberg Automotive  interior systems group manufactures seat adjusters, seat recline, side bolsters and lumbar support, cables, seat heating, ventilation and massage systems, arm rests and head restraints.

Here Greg DeFisher welcomes Roman Osuský and Branislav Piatrik project coordinators with Kongsberg Automotive to Freeman Schwabe to review a machine run-off of their newly purchased Schwabe die cutting press.

 Roman Osusky, Greg DeFisher, Branislav Piatrik

View Freeman Schwabe Videos on YouTube

View Freeman Schwabe Machinery on LinkedIn

Freeman Schwabe looking for Agents / Distributors in Brazil and Germany

Freeman Schwabe Machinery (FSM) based in Cincinnati USA, is a Global OEM supplier of industrial hydraulic Die Cutting Presses including the famous Schwabe SR series of presses.

FSM is looking for Machine Agents or Distributors in Sao Paulo region in Brazil and also in Europe, specifically Germany covering Eastern Europe.

Schwabe are a leading supplier of cutting presses to the Automotive Interior industry supplying machines to Takata, Johnson Controls, Lear, Magna Intier, Toyota Boshoku and Faurecia.

For more information about Freeman Schwabe visit the company website

Die Cutting Parts for Automotive Interior

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Ever wonder how they manufacture Leather Seat Covers?

Freeman Schwabe supplies die cutting presses that cut full leather hides for auto interior suppliers to sew and trim the leather parts into a new leather seat cover.

To make sure the leather hides are cut correctly, the die cutting process uses nesting to get the most efficienct cut out of each hide.

Click the link below to watch a Schwabe SR 300 Hydraulic Ton Press cutting a full leather hide for car seating:

For more information, visit the Freeman Schwabe website


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